How to Choose an Airport Parking Lot


Before deciding on which airport parking lot to use, it's important to determine how long you need to leave your car there. Generally, the longer you park, the cheaper the rate will be. However, some airports only allow you to park for 10 days or less. Some like vista parking offer parking for up to two weeks, which is convenient if you plan on using your car for several days. You may also be able to find a cell phone lot, where you can pick up passengers from their arriving flights.

An airport parking lot should be accessible and easy to navigate. For example, the drop-off and pick-up zones are typically near the terminal, and vehicles may be parked or standing for 15 minutes. Taxis, ride-sharing vehicles, and valets all use this space. Lastly, the airport parking lot must be well-lit and have well-marked crosswalks and safety bollards. While these amenities can help keep the parking lot safer, they do require a certain level of upkeep.

A good way to choose an airport parking lot is to make a reservation on a website that offers a convenient online form. After entering your desired airport, select your pick-up and drop-off dates, and make a reservation. You can also read reviews about various airport parking lots, so you can make an informed decision. The best airport parking lot to park your car is the one that offers the best service and price. This way, you won't have to worry about paying over the odds for parking.

Short-term parking is available across from the terminal on the first level of the North Parking Garage. It is a signposted area behind and next to the parking garage. The first 30 minutes of parking are free. After that, the cost for parking is $24 for a day. ADA drop-off spaces provide easy access to the terminal. The short-term lot has signs in English and Spanish. There are shuttles running 24/7. Click here to get the facts about parking.

You can use a cell phone to call Lyft to the airport, or you can use an E-ZPass app to use the service. The parking lot will also accept payments through credit cards. If you don't have an E-ZPass Plus, you can exit through the "Credit Card Only" lane to avoid paying parking fees. Remember to keep your parking ticket in a safe place. While the parking lot will collect payment on exit, thermal receipt paper may not be readable.

The USAirport Parking facility opened its doors in July 1998. The initial car count was 2350. Typical car counts were around 1,000. The first summer of operation, the parking lot grew steadily. By summer 2002, the shuttle buses picked up more than 800 cars. It was soon one of the largest off-airport parking lots in the country. And it's still growing. With more passengers, the airport parking lot has become Denver's most popular off-airport parking facility. Read more about parking lots here:


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